The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act invites alignment of workforce, economic development, and education strategies to target the needs of business and eliminate the qualifications divide from job seeker to employer.


This podcast features two practitioners who discuss their strategies to fulfill the WIOA vision to align workforce, economic development and education strategies to target the needs of both businesses and job seekers.  They discuss their practice of constantly surveying customers about what is needed in a local economy and adjusting programs accordingly; the need to gather labor market intelligence; and the importance of active participation in state/national workforce development organizations.

Participants include Kris Stadelman, Director, Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) Workforce Board, Virginia and David Hunn, Director, Northern Virginia Workforce Development Board.

          Resources for Workforce System Success

"The new WIOA emphasis on career services is the most important policy shift for local workforce development boards and, in fact, we have used that to change our service flow strategy."

-Kris Stadelman

"Our business partnerships are really key to understanding the demands of employers and we try very hard to tailor all our services towards the demands of employers."

-David Hunn