Understanding the importance of data in workforce decision making is the first step to creating a sector-strategy that is both successful and sustainable, meeting the needs of all customers and laying the groundwork for a thriving economy. The resources described below have been identified as useful to an overall understanding of data within a sector strategy. 

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Data-Based Decision Making: Additional Resources

  • The Promise of Career Pathways System Change: Using data to identify high-demand industry sectors and occupations; using real-time LMI tools
  • Real-Time LMI Resource Guide: This guide offers an overview of the importance and uses of Real-Time Labor Market Information (RT LMI), and has an especially useful section on “Incorporating Real-Time LMI into Sector Strategies”
  • Making Workforce Data Work: How improved education and workforce data systems could help the U.S. compete in the 21st century economy:  Outlines the importance of data in making decisions in education/workforce development, and provides specific recommendations for achieving the potential of workforce data systems.