Successfully engaging with industry leaders, and identifying industry champions, is critical to the success of any sector strategy. Businesses demand for specific talent, degrees or certifications, and skill sets will determine the subsequent steps that a workforce system may take in terms of building education and training programs, building Career Pathways, and implementing any number of programs to create the talent pipeline necessary for these businesses to thrive.

The following resources have been chosen as the most useful in terms of offering general guidance for beginning the work of building relationships with potential industry partners. Links to these materials can be found on the left-hand side of the screen under “Related Content”. Resources identified by “[NEW]” were completed under the ETA Sector Strategies Technical Assistance Initiative.

Industry Engagement: An Overview

  • [NEW] Voices of Experience: Sector Partnerships in Action: Learn how Wichita's Workforce Board convenes their partners to address their aviation sector needs.
  • Convening Multiple Employers: Moving Beyond Hub and Spoke Model: This Industry Engagement Peer Learning Group recording covers how to being multiple employers together within an industry partnership using models that put them in the lead of the strategy.
  • State Sector Strategies Coming of Age: Implications for State Workforce Policymakers: Offers an overall snapshot of sector strategies, including a model for building industry partnerships and the kinds of benefits for businesses, workers and the workforce system that are inherent within sector-based programs. (NGA, NSC)
  • [In development] Sector Strategies in Action:  Implementing Demand-Driven Workforce Services: This resource provides practical ideas and examples of how workforce areas can use sector strategies and industry partnerships to drive change at the service delivery level for businesses and job seekers. 
  • [NEW] Industry Champions: This brief focuses on moving from everyday business engagement to developing industry champions within a sector strategy.