As with any long-term project of significant size, decisions around staffing are vital to how an organization will operate, and how its goals will be accomplished. This is true when building a sector strategy, as an organization will want to maintain the right balance of industry sector knowledge and knowledge of the workforce system. Staffing approaches will differ based on the needs of their industries and the make-up of their labor market.

The resources listed on the left-hand side of the screen under “Related Content,” provide some guidance for agencies seeking to build a staffing plan around a sector strategy, especially at the local area level.


  • Industry Navigators: A Model Approach to Staffing Sector Partnerships: This Peer Learning Group call from the second year of ETA’s Sector Strategies TA Initiative offers insight from Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation, which has implemented a strategic “Industry Navigators” approach, organizing its sector strategy work around groups or individuals who communicate directly with employers to determine their long- and short-term needs.