The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) supports the integration of programs where possible and the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) is especially encouraging linkages between Sector Strategies, Career Pathways and Registered Apprenticeship programs. This integration not only allows workforce organizations to streamline their services, but provides workforce customers with numerous opportunities simultaneously.

The resources listed on the left-hand side of the screen under “Related Content,” provide some guidance for integrating these three areas. Resources identified by “[NEW]” were completed under the ETA Sector Strategies Technical Assistance Initiative.

Integrating and Implementing Career Pathways & Apprenticeship within a Sector Strategy

  • [NEW] Driving Sector Approaches into Workforce Services: This brief highlights best and promising practices showing how sector strategies have impacted business and customer service delivery.
  • [NEW] Sector Strategies and Career Pathways: A Mutually Beneficial Alliance: This brief explores some of the workforce development systems that have adopted sector strategies and career pathways approaches--two very promising and related strategies -- to improve the relevance and effectiveness of education and training programs in the U.S.  Both are systems change strategies designed to: meet the skill needs of in-demand industries; and prepare workers with the competencies and credentials needed for family supporting careers in targeted industries and occupations.
  • Career Pathways Toolkit: An Enhanced Guide and Workbook for System Development: Offers guidance on the six key elements of creating a career pathways strategy, particularly for those at the beginning phases of this work
  • Building Complete Career Pathways: This one-page guide provides a visual representation of how stackable credentials enable students who earn short-term certificates may earn subsequent credentials without repeating courses. Incorporating stackable credentials is an important part of developing a Career Pathway strategy.
  • ApprenticeshipUSA Toolkit: Advancing Apprenticeship as a Workforce Strategy: Provides information on the value or Registered Apprenticeships as both a tool for business growth and workforce development.
  • Sector-Based Service Delivery Workshop – ETA’s Sector Strategies TA Initiative Virtual Institute 2015: This online workshop was held as part of the week-long Sector Strategies Virtual Institute in 2015. This presentation specifically focuses on San Francisco’s dual customer approach, which includes Sector Committees and Sector Academies