Sector strategies are regional, industry-focused approaches to building skilled workforces and are among the most effective ways to align public and private resources to address the talent needs of employers. While the approach is not new, there is a growing body of evidence showing that sector strategies can simultaneously improve employment opportunities for job seekers and the competitiveness of industries.

As such, a number of national initiatives and federal laws (including the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) are driving workforce organizations, in particular, to embrace these approaches, to meet both the needs of workers and the needs of the economy.At the heart of sector strategies are sector partnerships (sometimes referred to as industry partnerships, workforce collaboratives or regional skills alliances, among others). These partnerships are led by businesses—within a critical industry cluster—working collaboratively with workforce areas, education and training, economic development, labor, and community organizations. Sector partnerships are the vehicles through which industry members voice their critical human resource needs and where customized regional solutions for workers and businesses are formed.

New ETA Sectors Materials

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Supporting Regional Sector Partnerships

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