USDOL ETA Sector Strategies Virtual Business Engagement Academy (VBEA) had its opening session on Monday, September 26, 2016, which offered a model industry sector meeting with business leaders in the health care field, followed by a series of workshop sessions.

What We Heard from Employers

This document summarizes the messages we heard from the employers to which we spoke. The discussion ranged from broad questions about what most troubles employers, to asking for specific on what a workforce e agency should focus on around occupations and key skill needs.

The event was couched as a mock employer meeting, allowing participants to “sit in” on an employer engagement session and get firsthand experience of what it means for a sector strategy to be truly employer led.

A recording and transcript of this session will be available for download, but this document offers a concise take on the information shared.

Highlights from the VBEA

This podcast includes remarks from Deputy Assistant Secretary Eric Seleznow, and concludes with a conversation between Deputy Assistant Secretary Byron Zuidema and President of Siemens, Eric Spiegel, about the importance of the workforce system partnering with business to address skill and talent needs.

Recording and transcripts of the full event can be found on the event page.