When creating a sector strategy, it’s vital that an organization has the capacity in terms of both staffing and funding, a supportive organizational structure, as well as its goals and visions aligned. Success depends greatly on an organization’s ability to work fluidly with partners, economic realities, and other factors.

Resources identified by “[NEW]” were completed under the ETA Sector Strategies Technical Assistance Initiative.


  • [NEW] Changing Roles for Workforce Systems in Carrying Out Sector Strategies: This brief details the varied critical roles that workforce systems can play in carrying out sector strategies; how sector strategies can serve as a critical foundation for regional workforce systems change; and how sector approaches can realign strategy, service delivery, and organizational structure throughout local and regional workforce systems.
  • The Road to Sector Success: A Guide for Workforce Boards: This guide is a joint effort of the National Association of Workforce Boards and the National Network of Sector Partners. It is designed to provide:
    - Simple how-to’s for workforce boards interested in getting started using a sectoral approach, and
    - Lessons learned from some of the nation’s strongest performing WIBs to help you maximize success as you implement a sector approach. It includes is a list of questions workforce boards most frequently ask about implementing a sector strategy, some answers to help you on your way, and a list of  key resources that can provide a road map as you begin.