This self-assessment is designed to help states and regions better understand how integrated and effective their business services are currently, and where enhancements can be made.

Most communities understand the importance of providing a more coordinated set of talent development solutions for their business. Yet many still struggle with effectively integrating business services across workforce, education, and economic development. As a result, we’re still approaching businesses and their talent needs in silos and only reaching a small share of them. This tool challenges states and local areas to ask themselves: Can we be more responsive to businesses as a collective unit and how can we change what we do to make it happen?

The self-assessment, which was peer-designed as part of the Integrated Business Services cohort project, is made up of a number of indicators that, together, begin to demonstrate what a “high-performing” integrated business services system may look like. Most importantly, this tool is designed as a framework to focus the conversation that states and local areas should be having as they address this challenge.