Engaged Network vs A Network of People

Author: Joshua Sheffield
Created On: 04/19/2016 09:59 PM

We need to focus on creating a network of engaged stakeholders. Many of us are very good at the act of networking, which can be loosely defined as "an activity to build, reinforce and maintain relationships of trust with other people to further your goals". However, we need to learn to better leverage those relationships to accomplish a particluar goal or desired outcome. The key is to identify the benefit to each person or partner in the network, we are a "me" society and with so many things demanding our time the difficult task is managing the limited time. The solution is to develop and leverage a small group of stakholders who have an invested interest in accomplishing the mission. A large network of people is great when identifing the resources needed for a project. A large networks can also be ineffective at creating the action.

My challenge to communities:

  • Identify the person or position who is responsible for getting everyone on the same page within your community.

  • Is this the mayor, chamber directors, large employers, city council, Employment and Training Services, non-profits, economic development groups?

I am very interested to see what is working in other communities!

Have an Awesome Day, and remember to laugh everyday!


Author: John Nelson
Created On: 05/24/2016 06:32 PM

I've had some success with 'grandfathers' those senior leaders looking at or enjoying retirement and wanting 'their' grandkids to thrive as they did. They've gone from the 'me' needed to build their business to the 'us' of a healthy community.